A distressing incident unfolded at St. Ann High School, where a grade seven student was brutally beaten unconscious. The altercation reportedly began when she accidentally stepped on another student’s shoes on the school’s premises.

Following the incident, the grade seven student was warned that she would face consequences after school. However, what transpired turned out to be a group attack, involving six female students. In response to this disturbing incident, Head of the St. Ann Police, SSP Dwight Powell, is urging the students involved to come forward and cooperate with the police as investigations into the matter commence.

This incident follows a similar and concerning episode that occurred last Thursday at BB Coke High School, where a senior student attacked a junior student. The senior student has since been charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. In this case, the junior student had accidentally stepped on the senior’s shoes and was subjected to a severe beating that left them unconscious. Watch the report:

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