St. Andrew Woman Seeks Help with Kidney Disease

Kemarie Johnson is imploring the public’s generosity in a bid to stay alive.

Diagnosed with stage 5 chronic Kidney disease and a myriad of other health issues including diabetes which have made it difficult for her to help sustain herself and her family. The Lawrence Tavern Primary School Builder’s Club, headed by the Kiwanis Club Of Stony Hill, St. Andrew, has embarked on a project geared towards easing some of her burdens.

Johnson is barely able to walk and is burdened by the expense of Dialysis two to three times per week.

Due to lack of resources her 14-year-old daughter who takes care of her, has not been in the virtual classroom since the pandemic forced the closure of schools.

The Lawrence Tavern Primary School Builder’s Club gifted her a tablet to help her catch up on her classes.
The Community Safety and Security Branch of the Elletson Road Police Station have also been doing their part to help the Johnson family.

Johnson is requesting a new place to call home as her current dwelling at Potters View, Kingston 16, has not been ideal for her medical condition.

Persons who wish to donate money towards Kemarie’s Dialysis, food, and other items may contact the following numbers below.

Shemeka Wedderburn: 876 540-3166
Jennifer Bryan-Harvey: 876 830- 1097

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