St Andrew Woman is Seeking Assistance from the public After Fire

A St Andrew woman is seeking assistance from the public with the hope of rebuilding after a fire destroyed her two-bedroom house. A shop narrowly escaped the blazing that began in the wee hours ravaging 18 years of inheritance in the form of a 2 bedroom dwelling.

A woman and a child left with little beyond the clothes on their backs and most importantly life. There are also the smoldering remains of what they once called home. Pauline Terrlonge says with the spate of robberies in Cavaliers, St Andrew it is possible the perpetrators attempted to break in before setting her house ablaze. Pleading for help, her daughter says she is also hoping the police will apprehend those involved. 

Investigations continue into the cause of the fire. Meantime, anyone open to help, may contact Pauline Terrelonge at 1876 378-3342/ 1876-442-2242 or make a deposit to the Jamaica national bank to Tashana Cushnie at 1-0-9 -2-4-3-0-6. Watch the report:

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