Concerns arise as a small aircraft crash in the Brae’s River area of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. The plane, registered in Venezuela, prompts questions about its origin and the circumstances leading to the crash. Speculations within the community suggest possible drug-related activities, with claims that the plane intentionally landed on a makeshift runway and was subsequently set ablaze. However, Nari Williams-Singh, Director General at the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), states that investigations are underway. Williams-Singh notes the absence of data plates on the engines and airframe, indicating potential tampering. The complexities of the investigation have elevated it to a security matter, with the police assuming control of the site.

Efforts to reach Deputy Superintendent of Police Coleridge Minto and the police communications division were unsuccessful at the time of reporting. Residents in the area, speaking confidentially to CVM News, mention a history of such occurrences but note a recent lull until this latest incident.


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