Special Approach On Local Crime And Violence

A high-level investigation has been launched into a triple murder that took place off Molynes road, Kingston on Tuesday night. Based on reports, eight men were standing along the roadway when they were shot in a drive-by shooting. The incident has since been condemned by Opposition Spokesperson on National Security, Fitz Jackson who is of the view that SOEs are still not the solution to crime.

The flare-up of violence has been condemned by both the government and opposition, but the path to reduce crime appears to be a long one that enhanced measures are being used to quicken. But, with murders already surpassing a hundred since the start of the year, what can really be done about the crime situation? And can the JLP led the government to reduce it?

In parliament on Tuesday, JLP parliamentarian Everald Warmington spoke out about the impact of the SOEs on his constituency in St. Catherine, stating that more curfews are needed. Opposition Spokesperson on National Security, Fitz Jackson believes that Warmington’s response is an indication that the government’s crime strategy needs to be reworked to be effective.