SOPE Declared for Clarendon, St James 

A State of Public Emergency (SOPE) declared in the parishes of Clarendon and St James for 14 days, follows outbreaks of gang violence which remain a threat in those parishes.

Now despite recent backlash- one political commentator believes SOPEs are still useful in the fight to reduce murders. As Jamaica grapples with the ongoing crime problem the government has maintained the need for more States of Public Emergency, (SOPEs) across several parishes. The special crime-fighting tool was employed in Clarendon and St James effective midnight March 14.

Both parishes remain of particular concern for outbreaks of gang violence. Political commentator Kevin O’Brien Chang says there is a need for more SOPEs in Jamaica while reiterating the effectiveness of the measure.  Reflecting on the recent Don Anderson Poll that revealed the potential outcome of the upcoming local government elections, Chang notes crime is a cultural mindset that remains one of Jamaica’s greatest problems.

 While there is some controversy regarding the need for additional SOPEs, Chang underscores they have been saving lives.  

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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