Solid Waste Management Crisis in Manchester

Mandeville Mayor Donovan Mitchell is appealing to residents of the parish to exercise better care in disposing of their solid waste. This appeal comes as residents of Patrick Road in the parish argue that their community has become a dumpsite.
There is a solid waste management problem on Patrick Road in the Mandeville community of Brumalia. Piles of garbage, dried leaves, rotting food, and larger items of furniture and appliances, are attracting vermin. The unsightly pile of refuse is posing a major health risk to residents.

A Patrick Road Resident shares that the garbage is blocking a drain, which poses another hazard when it rains. The street-turned dump also housed a homeless man for years before he was removed from the area.

Mayor of Mandeville Donovan Mitchell is appealing to residents to dispose of their garbage properly to help preserve the health of fellow residents as he awaits the arrival of garbage trucks from the Ministry of Local Government. Watch the full report for more details:

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell

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