Aviation College of the Americas Marks a Milestone Graduation with a Focus on Excellence and Innovation

The Aviation College of the Americas (ACOA) celebrated a momentous graduation ceremony at Jamaica College, propelling its graduates into a promising future in the dynamic world of aviation. The event unfolded at the prestigious Jamaica College Auditorium, radiating an atmosphere of accomplishment and anticipation for the graduates. The ACOA ceremony was a showcase of the graduates’ expertise in aviation, emphasizing the academy’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent in this rapidly evolving field. The graduates demonstrated proficiency in advanced computing and optimization, underscoring ACOA’s dedication to preparing students for the challenges of the modern aviation landscape.

Ian Forbes, Chairman of ACOA, delivered a keynote address, emphasizing the paramount importance of safety, innovation, and continuous learning in the aviation industry. Forbes highlighted the need for a keen sense of decorum in this field, setting the stage for graduates to navigate their professional journeys with integrity and excellence. Giovanni Myers, the guest speaker at the ceremony, shared insights on the significance of innovation and adaptability in the tech industry, encouraging graduates to leverage their knowledge for meaningful contributions to the ever-expanding world of aviation. The ceremony also included the acknowledgment of outstanding achievements, with awards presented for exceptional performance in flight training and academic excellence. Families and friends gathered to witness the graduates receiving these accolades, symbolizing the commencement of their professional journeys.

Reporter: Raheim Whyte 

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