Smith: ‘Massa Mark’ An Unparliamentary Statement 

While the Opposition PNP demands the finance minister withdraw his comments and apologize to Opposition Leader Mark Golding for the controversial remarks, Former speaker of the house Lloyd B Smith says all of Jamaica deserves an apology over what he describes as an unparliamentary language used in the House.

“Unfortunate, insulting and derogatory” is how former Deputy Speaker of the House Lloyd B Smith referred to the testy exchange made on Tuesday during the closing of the Budget Debate by Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dr Nigel Clarke. The reaction comes after the opposition called for Dr Clarke to withdraw what is perceived as discriminatory, his Massa Mark comment in describing Opposition Leader Mark Golding.

Clarke’s words referenced Golding’s comment, while the opposition leader was addressing comrades recently, in characterizing claims of sabotage during the Prime Minister’s budget presentation, as fools, Smith however notes Dr Clarke owes the country an apology. Watch:

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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