Shootings On The Rise In East Kingston Community

Shootings and drive-bys in Franklyn Town, East Kingston are on the rise and so are the fears of the residents. 

According to them, the situation is so bad, it has disrupted business. Yesterday, the Member of Parliament for the area and the Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew dialogued with the residents with hopes of getting to the bottom of the situation.

The Member of Parliament for Kingston Central, Donovan Williams and Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew Delroy Williams toured the community on wednesday in an effort to reassure the residents. 

He says about 4 persons have been murdered in his constituency and about 10 have been injured  over the  past few weeks. 

While he’s not asserting that the incidents are politically motivated , he’s not throwing out the idea completely. 

He is calling on the security forces to intervene immediately.