Sewage Overflow Threatens Health of Armada Court Residents

Occupants of the Armada Court Apartments in Portmore, St. Catherine are raising an alarm as an overflow of sewage in front and behind their residence continues to threaten their health. The residents, who are mainly senior citizens, are appealing to the relevant authorities to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

A resident who says he has been living on the complex for over 40 years, says this is the first he has encountered such hazardous conditions. He notes that they believe it is as a result of a development at a complex in close proximity to their apartment. As since the commencement of the development they have had the issue. The resident says he has written to the National Water Commission, (NWC) and have copied it to the National Environment and Planning Agency, (NEPA), the Member of Parliament for the area and most recently the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, (EFJ) however there have been no response.

The Armada Court residents are of the view, that wastewater has been polluting the nearby canal behind the apartment for quite a while. An appeal is being made to the relevant authorities as residents feel they are being neglected.

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