Several Counts Crumble in Klansman Gang Trial

A reverent silence blanketed the Downtown courtroom as Chief Justice Bryan Sykes prepared to deliver his ruling in the Klansman Gang Trial. Working from the last indictment to the first, Sykes notes that of the 25 counts, around 7 failed and the crown conceded on 4. Though some defendants were found not guilty on several counts, all 28 remain in custody. 

Before the proceedings ended, alleged gang leader Andre Bryan delivered an unsworn statement proclaiming his innocence. Many defendants were found not guilty under several counts. The crown conceded on four counts rendering all under those counts not guilty. Count 25 is one such example; the December 2018 conspiracy to murder a man named Ice.  Andre “Blackman Bryan”, Stephanie “Mumma” Christie, Jahzeel “Squeeze Eye” Blake, Fabian Johnson, Andre Golding, and Lamar Simpson were found not guilty under that count.

Seven other counts failed on the basis that there was not enough evidence. As anticipated count 20 which claimed that Bryan and defendant Ted Prince murdered a person at a well-known hardware store in St Catherine failed.

The counts against ‘Mumma’ have been reduced to just being part of a criminal organization.

Justice Brian Sykes says ‘Blackman’ still has a case to answer for, being a member of a criminal organization, conspiracy to murder a man named ‘Wee Wee’, a double murder, and arson among others however, the charges against him have been significantly slashed. Of the 17 counts, he will answer 10.

Blackman said ” I did not do the things the witnesses say I did. I did not give any orders or instructions to kill anyone. I know nothing of any extortion money, I am not or never have been part of any criminal gang. I did not shoot anyone at the New Nursery or Fisheries community. I wasn’t there. I am innocent of these charges’ Milord.” Watch the report below:

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell.

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