Several ABMS Out of Commission, Bank Apologises 

Several ABMs were out of commission on Tuesday following the brutal killing of a security guard on Monday at the Portmore Pines Plaza.  Several videos circulating on social media stood as living proof of the impacts the cruel act had on consumers. In personalized emails, National Commercial Bank (NCB) apologized to customers for the inconvenience caused. “While the ABM in question is not directly attached to the NCB in this instance, we understand that these events have a direct impact on your ability to use your ABM services, as our service providers have made the decision to temporarily withdraw their service personnel” 

They say they are working diligently with their service providers to return to normalcy as soon as possible. 

NCB says customers who wish to use the drop box options and in-branch services may also experience delays. However, they are advising customers to utilize digital banking channels such as online banking and mobile app transfers. Calls to the relevant authorities for a comment proved futile

Several banking machines have been the target of hoodlums recently, which led to the Jamaica Bankers Association issuing a statement; that customers may be impacted by these latest incidents, including reduced amounts at the ABM’s or the possibility of the machines being removed. Watch the report here:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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