One Senator is calling for strict penalties for persons involved in illicit shipments.

Days after two major gun busts in St. James, there are additional calls for internal investigations at the wharf, which is allegedly being used by criminals to traffic illegal guns and ammunition into the country.

The latest calls come from Jamaica Labour Party Senator, Charles Sinclair.

A total of 24 guns were seized by authorities at the Freeport Wharf in recent days.

To add, in 2017, the US Customs and Border Protection and Outbound Enforcement team seized one hundred and nineteen illegal guns at the Miami International Airport.

The guns were destined for Montego Bay, Jamaica.

More than two dozen Jamaicans were killed by the gun over the weekend. Some of the killings spurred from a recent flare up in the gritty communities of Norwood, Salt Spring, Cambridge and Quarry.

It is understood that no one went to clear any of the illicit shipments and Senator Sinclair says the consolidator must be held accountable.

Additionally, in an interview with CVM Live, National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang says progress has been made in prosecuting those responsible for a number of gun seizures.