Senator Peter Bunting, a former Minister of National Security, has expressed concern over the government’s increased use of security resources amid a rise in annual crime and murder rates. Bunting questions the effectiveness of state emergency measures in tackling crime, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive reassessment of the national security strategy.

As the Shadow Minister of Citizen Security and Productivity, Bunting raises alarms about a perceived misallocation of resources within the Security Ministry. He highlights a notable disproportion in resource distribution, citing that the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) possesses more resources than the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), despite crime statistics indicating a lack of effectiveness.

Bunting draws attention to the government’s persistent use of the state of emergency despite the high murder rate, prompting doubts about the measure’s efficacy. When questioned about his opinion on the current Security Minister’s performance, Bunting refrains from launching a direct attack but suggests a closer examination of the results would be necessary.

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