Senate Approves Disabilities Regulations 2021

The Disabilities Regulations of 2021 have been approved by the Senate. Opposition Senator Dr. Floyd Morris has however taken issue with how the Government has treated the COVID-19 vaccination of people with disabilities. Dr. Morris contends that the vulnerable group was seemingly not a priority in the National Vaccination programme.

He came to this conclusion after leader of government business in the Senate; Kamina Johnson Smith was unable to provide a figure on how many people with disabilities have been inoculated or those apart of the community who are vaccinated by gender so far.

Opposition Senator Dr. Floyd Morris is suggesting that the Government adjust its vaccination data collection for further inclusion of people with disabilities. He noted that this indicated that the group of persons which are vulnerable in the Jamaican society was not a priority. Adding that if it was then it would have been included in the data mechanism.

Meanwhile, the Disabilities Regulations 2021 which is to take effect on February 14, 2022, was high on the agenda for approval. Senator Johnson Smith noted that persons living with disabilities must be empowered and remove the barriers that hinder them in society.

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