In a tragic turn of events, 37-year-old Rajiv Bentley, a security officer residing in Port Maria, St. Mary, now faces charges of murder in connection with the shooting death of 72-year-old Dellevale Bambury, a prominent businessman from Iteboreale, Annotto Bay, St. Mary. The incident occurred on Chovey main road in the parish on Thursday, January 12.

According to reports from the Annotto Bay Police, the chilling event unfolded around 6:00 p.m. when Bambury was driving his pickup truck along the roadway. He was ambushed by assailants traveling in a Toyota Probox motorcar, who mercilessly opened fire, fatally hitting him. Upon police arrival, Bambury was discovered slumped over in his vehicle, which had veered off the road and into a nearby gully. During a subsequent vehicle search, law enforcement uncovered a staggering JMD 7 million in a bag.

Bambury was swiftly transported to the hospital, where medical professionals confirmed his unfortunate demise.

In a significant development in the ongoing investigation, Rajiv Bentley was apprehended and officially charged on Thursday, December 21. The arrest comes as a result of meticulous investigative work that followed leads pointing to Bentley’s alleged involvement in the heinous crime.

As the case unfolds, the court date for Bentley is currently being finalized, marking a crucial step in the pursuit of justice for the bereaved family and the wider community affected by this tragic incident. The motive behind the attack and the relationship, if any, between Bentley and Bambury is yet to be disclosed by authorities.

The CVM website will continue to update this evolving story as more information becomes available, informing the public about the legal proceedings and any additional details surrounding this shocking incident in St. Mary.

Reporter: CVM TV

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