Security Minister Says Extending Curfew Hours Necessary For Crime Management

Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang was in Norwood, St James following Saturday’s killing of a 6-month-old baby girl.

Police reports indicate that around 8:20 pm, patrons were at a bar when a motor vehicle drove up. Men armed with guns opened fire on the group then fired shots in the direction of a house.

The police were alerted and two teenagers were found with gunshot wounds along with the child. All three were taken to hospital where the child was pronounced dead on arrival.

Dr. Chang who is also a Member of Parliament for the area says there has been a series of murders since the curfew times were extended.
He says the curfew time was once at 8 pm but residents have made complaints and it was changed. He believes that this change has resulted in criminals being more rampant and carrying out their illegal operations.

According to Chang, the killing of the infant is a tragic and unfortunate incident. He says discussions will be held with the relevant stakeholder regarding the matter to prevent another flare-up of crime and gun violence.
St. James has been under a state of emergency since April 30 of this year.