In anticipation of the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration on the Downtown Kingston waterfront, the police have issued a stern advisory for attendees. As part of heightened security protocols:

Restrictions on Large Bags: Patrons are advised that no large bags will be permitted within the event space.

Detailed Searches: Rigorous searches will be conducted on all individuals entering or leaving the venue to ensure a secure environment.

Firearms Prohibited: Strictly enforcing a no-firearms policy, attendees are reminded that bringing firearms to the celebration is strictly prohibited.

Licensed firearm carriers are explicitly warned that leaving their weapons in a negligent manner, which could lead to theft, constitutes a criminal offense.

Given the gravity of these security measures, the police emphasize the importance of patrons exercising caution and adhering to all laws. The Downtown Kingston celebration will witness an increased police presence to ensure strict enforcement throughout the event.”


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