Security Guard Killed at His Work Site

28 year old, Torano Reid was shot and killed on Tuesday afternoon while he worked on a section of the May Pen to Williams Field leg of the new highway.

According to the Police, Reid had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head, two spent shells were removed from the scene.

Though Reid, a security guard, was killed while at work the details surrounding his death remain unclear.

CVM LIVE  understands that another security guard who was said to be at a different location was told by a man that Reid fell from a chair and needed help.

The police were alerted and were reportedly told that Reid’s suffered a sudden death. Reid was reportedly killed during the lunch period, so the workers say most people would have left the site.

Beverley Lawes, Reid’s grieving mother,  visited the site where her youngest child was killed.

Miss Lawes says her son was living and working in Kingston and had moved to Clarendon to live with her because of what she says were added expenses.

Laborers who declined to speak on camera tell us they are shaken by his death. They say the Chinese workers too, are experiencing some level of shock and unease. 

They are calling for greater  security presence at the construction site.