Members of the security forces have been kept busy for the past week, reaping success in the seizure of illegal guns and ammunition right across the island. And although an accumulated figure was not readily available as to the seizures made, it is evident that the security forces remain committed to getting the guns.

As part of the security forces continued thrust to seize illegal weapons and apprehend persons involved in criminal activities, the St. James police on Friday seized two high powered weapons in birch hill in the parish. An ak47 rifle as well as an American Tactical Rifle and more than 300 rounds of ammunition were recovered.

According to police reports a man was seen exiting a BMW motor car with a box during a foot patrol by the lawmen. He dropped the box and ran on approach of the officers. The box was searched and the weapons found. This follows heightened operation activities across the island with another seizure in St. James on Wednesday of last week on Artwell Drive in Granville.

One American Tactical Omni Tactical m16 rifle, two pistols and several rounds of ammunition were seized. A ballistic vest and several vehicle registration plates were also seized and seven people taken into custody. Earlier this week the police conducted a special operation spanning over two days at stadium east in St. Andrew that yielded success, eight weapons ,  including three high-powered rifles and a cache of ammunition were discovered and a man  taken into custody.

Prior to this seizure the police recovered nine illegal guns and ammunition during a joint police-military raid carried out in the Jarrett Lane section of Mountain View. Additionally, last week the police seized 20 handguns at the Sangster International Airport along with 40 magazines that were discovered at the cargo section.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey says the police are committed to pulling back Jamaica from criminal elements. DCP bailey says policy makers play an integral part in the fight against crime.