Sectoral Debate Heats Up with Import Clash 

The sectoral debate in the Parliament grew testy Wednesday when Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture, Lothan Cousins accused the Minister of being misleading in suggesting there were no permits for onion importation at a time when local farmers demanded market citing a flood of imported onions.

The Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture recounted the plight of onion farmers in Llandewey St Thomas recently as they demanded markets. The farmers claim their produce was made to rot while the government imported onions to the detriment of their crops and livelihoods. A claim struck down by the minister as untrue at the time. Minister Pearnel Charles Jr was on his feet firm in his stance that this revelation was misleading and based on assumption. He asked the member to withdraw his utterance but cousins merely opted to show his proof, insisting a ship under the Cyprus Flag docked with onions in Jamaica at the time. Watch the report:

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