School Launches Mental Health Program

Minister of Health and wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton has launched the first mental health program in one infant and primary school in his constituency. He notes this initiative is to bring parents and students together to iron out issues facing students in the school environment with mental health coming more to the fore amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Paul Mountain Primary and Infant School in St. Catherine for the first time now has a mental health program catered towards parents and students discussing issues among students.

Dr. Christopher Tufton says the program will also bolster a safe, warm and welcoming environment for students. Dr. Tufton also highlights that anxiety has become a common thread which is a contributing factor to depression. He also noted that this initiative in his constituency of west central St. Catherine is deemed as a trial run.

He says the initiative also coincides with Ministry of Education‘s psycho-social support program in schools. The minister adds teachers are also significant to the program.