SBAJ Calls for Another Stimulus Package

President of the Small Business Association, (SBAJ) Michael Leckie, says the no movement restrictions will most certainly have a negative impact on the small business owners. As the curfew restrictions remain in effect, some stakeholders in the small business community share the same sentiment.

However, one proposal they have laid on the table is for the Government to provide another stimulus package to support small business operators. Leckie notes the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 18 months have placed persons in survival mode. He notes that small businesses are operating at a low profit and margin and this is one on the factors that are negatively impacting operators.

Following the extended curfew measures announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Wednesday, September 1, small business operators who are unable to make a sustainable income due to reduced hours are expressing grave concerns.

Mr. Leckie adds while the SBAJ is in support of the tightened restrictions, most stakeholders in the association are calling for another stimulus package to support operators. He is also in support of persons being responsible in regards to vaccination and is encouraging association members to take the jab.

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