Savage Pen, St. Andrew: It has been over two months since torrential rains caused extensive road damage across the island.           

The breakaway along the Gordon Town Road in St. Andrew is reflective of the   November disaster.

Each resident who spoke with our news team says the Savage Pen Road is not an easy road to traverse. 

In December, CVM Live toured the newly constructed section of the road. The road was expected to be completed at the end of December. That deadline has since been pushed to January 18.  

A chicken farmer says she has never used the Savage Pen Road and she does not plan on using it.

They say the road also reduces the number of people who can  travel in a vehicle.

Instead of using the Savage Pen Road, residents use a football field as a car park, then take a bike or another vehicle to the breakaway.

They then walk along the breakaway and take another transport to get out of the community.

Additionally, a man who lives along the Savage Pen roadway, says there has not been much traffic on the road.

Meanwhile, Communication Officer at the National Works Agency (NWA), Natalee Bloomfield, says the agency has been doing major road improvements to make the Savage Pen Road safer for all road users. 

According to the NWA,  earthworks,  drainage structures, retaining walls, and pavement works are currently taking place.

CVM Live‘s Christeen Forbes reports: