A solemn and tense morning unfolded at the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court, where an air of anticipation hung heavy. The mother of the late eight-year-old Danielle Rowe anxiously awaited news on whether the suspected killer of her daughter would be granted bail. 

However, the bail application was postponed as the prosecution faced difficulties in presenting the suspect’s criminal records. Kayodi Satchell, the woman charged with the murder and abduction of eight-year-old Danielle Rowe, was remanded on Wednesday, and a new date for the bail application was set for the following Wednesday, October 11.

This decision was prompted by the Crown’s inability to obtain Satchell’s criminal records, as it was alleged that she had previous encounters with the law. Satchell’s attorney expressed disappointment at the system’s delay in procuring the necessary documents. The presiding judge acknowledged the frustration of the counsel and, while recognizing that criminal records should be digitized in 2023, referred to the current system as a work in progress. Despite the delay, both the defense and the prosecution agreed to the new date for the bail application. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry 

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