Sanitization Activities In Schools – With the phased reopening of schools pushed back to October, school administrators have more time to carry out sanitization procedures to ensure that classrooms are prepared for students’ return. This is amid the increase in Covid-19 cases which continues to pose a threat to the island. Now, the Health and Wellness Ministry has launched its COVID-19 sanitization project geared towards making schools safe amid the pandemic- but are parents satisfied with this?

“Remember them have to travel in buses, taxis and no social distance going to hold there so. So, the sanitization in school is one but what about the children safety fi reach school and go home back?”, one parent, Shawn, questioned.

His concern is shared by many others who are worried about the uptick in COVID-19 cases.just recently, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information, Karl Samuda indicated that it is important that the ministry finds what he describes as the formula to re-establish a normal learning environment.

“That is the challenge that we face but this pandemic has come on us as a curse to stall the progress that was being made by this little country as indeed other countries – but we are not going to be daunted by that,” he said. ” We are going to dust off our shoes and get back to the wheel and find the answers to make it possible for us.”

– At the same time, many are hoping that the Education Ministry will foster an ongoing sanitization process at all schools.

“As often as possible because the children will come out of the classroom like six-time, seven-time for the day and go outside to play. When the children ask to go outside, the teacher doesn’t know what they are going outside to do so as often as possible,” shared Suzanne Smith, another parent.

Globally, special consideration is being given to the operations of schools amid COVID-19- as a means to curb the spread of the virus. The move to carry out sanitization measures is lauded by many and expected to continue into the long term.