Sandals Foundation Donates 100 Mammograms

Recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness month and World Mammogram Day celebrated on October 15, Sandals Foundation has partnered with the Jamaica Cancer Society, (JCS) offering 100 free mammograms.

This donation will give the Jamaica Cancer Society the ability to screen 100 women says Michael Leslie, acting Executive Director of the organization. He says unfortunately not everyone is able to pay for a mammogram procedure, and thanked the Sandals Foundation for the generous donation. He noted that the Foundation has been donating for over the pass five years, but this they have received 100 mammograms instead of 40 or 50 which they would usually receive in previous years.

Dr. Micas Campbell Foreman, regional coordinator of Non-communicable Diseases and Injury, urges all women to get tested because undetected and untreated breast cancer is lethal. She says it is one of the leading causes of death among women in Jamaica. Campbell- Foreman noted that mammography screening is the most effective way of diagnosing early breast cancer.

Heidi Clarke, Executive Director of Sandals Foundation, says early detection saves lives, adding that the Foundation is pleased to offer mammograms to women who need them and assisting the Jamaica Cancer Society.

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