Samuda Tours Manchester Water System

A tour of the greater Manchester water system was spearheaded by Minister without portfolio for Economic Growth and Job Creation Senator Matthew Samuda. On Thursday, Minister without portfolio for economic growth and Job Creation Senator Matthew Samuda toured the greater Mandeville water system with various officials.

Senator Samuda says the current pipelines along the Mandeville pumping station are quite costly, however, there is a commitment to improving investment in the future of water security. He also affirms that the distribution network will all be upgraded with the new water supply.

Samuda adds, that by the end of the project, the government would have spent at least 4 billion dollars on water projects.

Member of Parliament for Manchester Central, Rhoda Moy-Crawford, says the initiative will be a significant boost for all constituencies. She says work has been ongoing to ensure water is provided in areas that are lacking, admitting to seeing heavy investments in securing the vital commodity. Watch the report: