SAMC Accused Of Corruption

As the political fire ignites ahead of the pending local government elections, Councillor for the Beecher Town division in St. Ann, Ian Bell is accusing the St. Ann Municipal Corporation of serious corruption. 

Bell told party supporters Thursday that over 61 million dollars is unaccounted for and the mayor must be made to answer. Councillor Ian Bell says monies left in the care of the SAMC have been unaccounted for. He estimates the sum to be just over 61 million dollars. 

The allegations were made on Thursday at a divisional conference in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Bell says among the money unaccounted for was just under 15 million dollars donated by the tourism enhancement fund to improve  the Buckfield Playfield and build shops for vendors in Ocho Rios. He contends a dispute between the council and the Jamaica Public Service has left residents of Ocho Rios pondering why JPS would remove their property from the Buckfield Playfield. He says there are many questions to be answered.