Rocky Point Resident Questioned After Crash Landing

Police say Nicholas Graham, a resident of Rocky Point, Clarendon could assist them in a high-level probe following the mysterious crash landing of a plane in the coastal community at the weekend.

Earlier on Wednesday, January 27, the police interviewed Graham in relation to the matter.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime and Security, Fitz Bailey says Graham, was taken into custody and his property searched acting on intelligence. 

However, in an interview with CVM Live on Sunday, Graham said he was unfairly treated and frequently targeted by the police even prior to the crash landing.

The businessman alleges his home was invaded and searched by the security forces without his knowledge. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday residents alerted CVM Live to a protest in the area following Graham’s detention. 

They insist that he has no part in the recent development in the community.

They are also alleging that the lawmen stole money Graham had in the house, a claim DCP Bailey says is being investigated.

Despite, the residents professing Graham’s innocence, DCP Bailey says the police will go wherever the evidence leads.