Plan of action for robbery-plagued Communities – Residents living in Glendale, Pembrooke Hall, and Hughenden are living in fear due to an increase in robberies and burglaries in the communities. There are reports of citizens being robbed of their possession and despite security systems being installed, the crimes continue. Residents are making demands for change.

The Security Minister Dr Horace Chang has heard these concerns and others – and intends to address the situation.

“The whole question about neighbourhood watch, work with the police in sync to get them to collaborate and establish the kind of surveillance that we want. The community involvement is crucial to preventing this sort of thing.”

The financial cost to replace many of these stolen items is an economic burden for residents according to Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke.

“Few things have had direct negative emotion…someone walking home in the evening and being deprived of their personal belonging…waking up and your car is not there.”

The Security Ministry has now committed to facilitating more frequent patrols of the three communities to clamp down on crime. It is a move that is welcomed by residents who are concerned about the safety of others and their families.