Residents of Westchester in Portmore are being urged to be vigilant for robbers posing as delivery men. Westchester Councillor, Renair Benjamin says failure to report these incidents resulted in the continued incidents. Benjamin says the police should take strides to ensure the safety of the residents

Bikers posing as delivery men have reportedly been robbing residents of Westchester and Cumberland in Portmore St. Catherine; a trend that has community members and Councillor Renair Benjamin, concerned. He noted that these robbers are using guns to rob residents and go as far as to disguise themselves with backpacks, to imitate fast-food delivery persons or persons from the ENDS programme.

Benjamin is calling on the police to be vigilant on the issue to uphold the safety of the residents in Westchester and surrounding communities. Benjamin says part of the issue is that most victims of these robberies are not reporting to the police. Councillor Benjamin suggests the police patrol the communities when most residents are out for work.

Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips of the St. Catherine south police division says during a general council meeting of the Portmore municipality that he was not aware of the robberies.

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