Road Traffic Act Car Seat Requirement Under Review

As concerns about the new Road Traffic Act echo across the nation, Assistant Commissioner of Police Gary Mckenzie says the law is now being reviewed by the government of Jamaica, in regards to the use of child restraint systems in public passenger vehicles. 

The newly instated Road Traffic Act continues to face scrutiny by road users, as they query the relevance of certain ticketable offences. With regret, taxi operators in Clarendon say they were prepared to deny their services to mothers carrying young children. Even operators who are already in possession of the initially demanded car seat for children say the stipulation is unnecessary. 

With offences packing a costly punch to the pockets of lawbreakers, operators say they are left at the mercy of officers, who are also guilty of committing similar offences. This as they scoff at the notable increase in police presence since the act’s implementation, on February 1. 

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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