Despite the implementation of the Road Traffic Act in February of last year, the Road Safety Council has received numerous reports of incidents that could have been avoided. The expanding road networks and increasing number of vehicles on the road make it challenging to determine fault in some cases. With technology playing a crucial role, the absence of a dash cam can disadvantage drivers by providing no evidence in certain situations.

Recently, a fatal collision in Montego Bay was recorded by a dash cam, highlighting the significance of such devices. The incident involved a pedestrian struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross the road.

Dontae Matthews, Public Education and Information Officer at the Road Safety Unit (RSU), acknowledges the unfortunate nature of the incident but underscores the value of recording such events. He explains that pedestrians, being the most vulnerable road users, must also adhere to the Road Traffic Act. However, Matthews emphasizes that motorists bear a greater responsibility for the safety of others. He stresses the importance of adhering to speed limits, which vary for different areas.


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