Road Repairs Continue Along Washington Boulevard

A CVM LIVE follow up now on the breakaway along the Washington Boulevard in St Andrew on Wednesday found that vehicular traffic on the Westbound lane along the major thoroughfare has been restored.

A defective pipeline is the cause of the breakaway which caused significant delay to motorists, disrupted water supply to surrounding communities and also interfered with internet connectivity services.

Throughout the night workmen from the National Water Commission carried out emergency repairs to the ruptured transmission main.

A representative from the Commission told CVM LIVE that sections of the pipeline recently came under heavy pressure.

Earlier in the week, there was a similar pipeline issue on the Arthur Wint Drive in Kingston.

“Not all of our network is as new as we would like, the section along Arthur Wint also has some age pipes that we are in the process of replacing. That particular intersection came under similar stress and even though it’s on a different network and so we had to remove the section that was ruptured,” the representative said.

Communications Manager at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw says although work is currently underway, their team is being held up, as Flow is carrying out repairs to their fibre optic cables and so a timeline for completion can not be given at this time.

CVM LIVE’s Robian Williams reports: