Road Crisis in Kingston and St. Andrew Communities

Some St. Andrew residents are currently facing a road crisis and are calling on their political representatives to intervene and provide better roads. Their calls come after they say the thoroughfare was damaged following pipe laying activities recently. 

With recent heavy rains, the situation is rapidly deteriorating for some residents in Waterhouse and Olympic Gardens, St. Andrew; they are appealing for help in getting better roads. The residents say the roads were not always like this, as one resident claims the roads have last been fixed 46 years ago, while another claims everything went downhill after the roads were dug up to install sewage pipes, he added that since the road was was dug up from Spanish Town Road to Molynes Road the road has been in a deplorable condition. He also claims that persons have injured themselves due to the condition of the road.

Meanwhile, another resident says there have have been a road crisis for years; she says despite their cries the roads have never attracted much attention from their local representatives. She noted that the Member of Parliament for the area, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Councillor for the area, Patrick Robinsion have not offered any help.

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