Riverton Residents Questions the Dump’s Closure

Riverton City residents are questioning the Prime Minister’s announcement of closing the dump. They say the dump provides several streams of income for their households. The dump, which is the country’s largest disposal site, has been providing employment for residents in and around the area, for over four decades. Shopkeepers are also bracing for the impending loss of business since their customers are mainly workers from the dump.

Lamenting the crime situation in the area, there are concerns about a possible increase in crime if the closure happens. Despite the repeated fires and growing health concerns, they are adamant more can be done to improve the quality of the dump, instead of closing it.

Suggestions to possibly relocate the landfill were refuted, as residents are of the belief that nowhere else will accept the problems associated with the dump. Prime Minister Andrew Holness has mentioned plans to speak with Member of Parliament for the area, Anthony Hylton regarding the future of the dump.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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