Residents of Rhoden Crescent off Olympic Way and Bay Farm Road, St. Andrew say they are worried that a health issue is looming from a long-standing sewage overflow.

They argue that their political representatives are not doing enough to remedy the public health challenge. They are particularly concerned about the health of their children. 

The residents say for weeks they have been dying to have a  breath of fresh air. 

When our news team visited the community on Monday, February 15, the smell of wastewater was overpowering. 

According to the residents, they have had to endure the pungent odor for years, but this is maybe the longest they have not had any relief; for four (4) weeks.

Not to mention, the health of their children is being affected. 

One resident says they have taken the initiative to drain the manholes causing the problem, but they continue to be blocked. 

But one man argues that the Member of Parliament for the area, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party Councillor/Caretaker, Glendon Salmon should pull their weight. 

However, Glendon Salmon says the issue is not a political one; therefore residents need to call the National Water Commission (NWC), as he has been doing, to get the problem rectified.

He adds that the sewer system is not adequate to manage all the waste from several adjoining communities.

Following the Councillor or Caretaker’s visit to the NWC on Monday, a truck came while our news team was still on location and the workmen began clearing the blockage. 

But while this seemed like a hopeful sign for the residents, Glendon Salmon says the issue will recur.

Aladden Love reports for CVM Live: