PNP’s East Portland Candidate, Colin Bell, Aims to Bring Change and Progress to Constituency

In the race for the East Portland parliamentary seat, Colin Bell, the People’s National Party (PNP) candidate, is positioning himself as the catalyst for positive change, aiming to uproot the current administration led by Ann-Marie Vaz. Expressing disappointment over the management of the constituency, Bell asserts that the residents have seen little to no tangible benefits under Vaz’s leadership. As the upcoming elections loom, voters in East Portland are increasingly hopeful for a shift that heralds improvements in their daily lives. Colin Bell is confident that, if elected, he will bring about significant advancements for the constituency, addressing immediate problems faced by the people. Bell, in a candid assessment, laments what he perceives as poor leadership under Ann-Marie Vaz’s regime. Emphasizing a lack of representation, he highlights the pressing issues affecting Portlanders that have been overlooked. In particular, Bell dismisses Vaz’s assertions of fulfilling basic responsibilities, emphasizing that the parish possesses numerous untapped assets, yet the native population is excluded from the rewards.

According to Bell, the People’s National Party is offering East Portland a new direction through its dynamic and capable “A-class team.” In contrast to the current administration, Bell envisions a future where the constituency flourishes under a fresh and effective leadership approach. In an exclusive interview, Bell scoffs at what he describes as Vaz’s unwarranted boasting about fulfilling fundamental duties. He argues that it is time for a leader who not only fulfills the basics but also proactively works towards harnessing the full potential of the region’s resources for the benefit of its residents. As Renaldo Adams reports, Colin Bell’s campaign is gaining momentum as he articulates a vision for East Portland that encompasses prosperity, inclusivity, and effective governance. With the elections on the horizon, voters in East Portland face a crucial decision, weighing the promises of change presented by Colin Bell against the track record of the incumbent Ann-Marie Vaz. The stakes are high, and the outcome will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of East Portland.

Reporter: Renaldo Adams 


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