Residents of Riverside Gardens Still Calling For Help

Residents of Riverside Gardens, New Haven cannot seem to catch their breath.

The community is one of the worst affected by the October month end rainfall. When CVM LIVE first visited the community the water was knee high.

Our news team returned this week and it was worse, due to the rainfall. And to add more to the misery, overflowing sewage.

We revisited Arossia Gonzales who lost over one dozen animals. Now in better spirits, he explains  how’s he’s been coping.

Vice President of the community Citizen Association says the problem stems from the construction at six miles which is forcing the water back into the community.

Hall explains that an excavator was being used to remove the debris but has not yet returned.

In the meantime, he says the river needs training. 

The residents are calling on the local business community to play their part.