Residents of Flower Hill in St. James are calling on their Member of Parliament and Councillors to intervene, as they say they have been without piped water for the past ten years.

The natives are also protesting the condition of the roads in their communities.

They took to the streets of Montego Bay in the vicinity of the Municipal Council to lament their frustration, as they say they will not vote when the time comes.

The Flower Hill Community is divided into two divisions, Central St. James and North East St. James.

Councilor for the North Eastern Division Charles Sinclair, says his constituency has adequate supply of water and when necessary trucks of water are sent to the community. 

He adds that the other side is mostly affected because of the elevation.

Calls to the Member of Parliament for Central St. James Heroy Clarke went unanswered, however Councillor Sinclair spoke on his behalf.

He says that they are all in dialogue with the National Water Commission (NWC) to improve the system and have a more sustained delivery of service to the entire Flower Hill Community.