Residents of 11 Miles Bull Bay Seek Help To Rebuild After The Damaged Caused By Elsa

The damage left by conditions associated with Tropical Storm Elsa in 11 Miles Bull Bay proved far greater than the residents’ will and resources to rebuild. 

Since the flooding has subsided, the great extent of the damage caused was much more evident.

Donald Reece a resident was busy packing stones under a section of where the a road had breakaway.

Reece says, though he has been told by others to leave the task to Government, he says, their has been no help from the Government and has been forced to do it on his own.

Residents are also calling for a retaining wall between them a gully which has now made it closer to their homes.

Even as they embark on measures to clean and reinforce, they are seeking intervention from the authorities.

More in this CVM Live story from Christeen Forbes: