Residents in Red Hills Road Call for Help Against Crime

Another crime scene on Red Hills Road, St. Andrew. A man was injured in broad daylight on Tuesday by unknown assailants in a drive-by shooting. 

It is not known whether the latest shooting incident is linked to the ongoing feud between warring factions in the communities, however, the residents are calling for intervention. 

The sound of gunshots is not unusual for residents living in Park Lane, 100 Lane, and Common. Three communities in the vicinity of Red Hills Road, plagued by criminals – The latest shooting involves a male from the Park Lane community…

Residents say they are stuck in the middle.

Residents say they are stuck in the middle… Last month there was a shooting just a few steps away from this crime scene… Where another man from the Park Lane community was shot.  

In addition to criminals wreaking havoc along the corridor, residents say they feel as if the security forces are targeting them.