Residents In Norwood St. James Disgruntled With JPS

Disgruntled residents in the Norwood community appealing to the Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, to intervene. The residents told our news team that the electricity supply has been inconsistent for weeks.

This resident says compensation should be given to persons who had to dispose of spoiled food items. He also adds that some individuals have to stay at hotels which is a financial burden. In a statement from the JPS, a team responded to the report of the power outage in the community, and electricity has now been restored to residents.

According to the light and power company, the power outage was caused by a blown fuse due to an overload by illegal connections. The community has been experiencing multiple outages as a result of the strain on the infrastructure caused by the illegal abstraction of electricity.

The JPS says they continue to make every effort to provide a reliable supply to the paying customers in Norwood. However, efforts are hampered and significantly compromised by the prevalence of illegal connections, which cause significant damage to JPS equipment, and put residents and their property at risk.