Residents in the Ackee Walk community, St. Andrew are in fear as ongoing violence continues to breed tension. According to the residents, though the police have been patrolling the area, their presence has not been consistent.

In the meantime, the councilor for the area says decent citizens reside in the community, and if the source of the problem can be located, the police would be more efficient.

One resident who spoke off-camera explains the tension is being fueled by men outside the community. He notes the area is being sucked into a rivalry with surrounding communities, driving fear into residents. The unease has also sparked fear among the staff of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, (NSWMA) who frequent the area.

Meanwhile, residents on Greendale Drive next to Ackee Walk were left horrified after men alighted from a vehicle around 7 pm Monday, August 9, and opened fire causing residents to run for cover. No one was injured. This resident says whenever tensions rise in Ackee Walk, Greendale Drive is caught in the crossfire.

Jamaica Labour Party, (JLP) Councilor Vernon Mcleod says for the longest while it has been challenged to detect the root cause of the tension in the communities. Councilor Mcleod says many law-abiding citizens reside in these communities and if the police could locate where the tension is stemming from, only then can the police be more efficient.

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