The residents of Cedar Valley in St. Thomas took to the streets yesterday to voice their vehement opposition to the transfer of Constable Owen Brown from their community. The shocking decision by law enforcement authorities to relocate Constable Brown, a figure beloved by the residents, prompted an impassioned protest as they rallied together to block roads and convey their discontent. The rare phenomenon unfolded as residents, determined to retain Constable Brown in their community, made a stand against the decision that would see him moved to another area within the division. Constable Brown, who has become an integral part of Cedar Valley over the years, has earned the affection and respect of the community for his unwavering commitment and service. The residents, out in numbers, successfully garnered the attention of the police force through their impassioned chants in support of Constable Brown. They asserted that he had not only fulfilled his duty but had gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the well-being of the community. The outpouring of support for Constable Brown even surprised his colleagues, highlighting the profound impact he has had on the tight-knit community.

Deputy Superintendent O’Neil Thompson of the St. Thomas Division empathized with the residents’ sentiments, acknowledging Constable Brown’s significant contributions. However, he also explained that Constable Brown could potentially bring his expertise to foster growth in other areas within the division. Despite the success of their initial efforts, the residents were determined to engage in further dialogue with the police force. They continued to demand a meeting to discuss the transfer, emphasizing Constable Brown’s unique role in the community. Deputy Superintendent Thompson encouraged the residents to visit the police station for a more comprehensive discussion on the matter. The reaction from the Cedar Valley residents reflects the deep connection they share with Constable Owen Brown, underscoring the invaluable role he has played in ensuring the safety and welfare of the community. As the community awaits a resolution, the story of their determined stand to retain Constable Brown continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the Cedar Valley Police Station and the broader St. Thomas Division.

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Reporter: Trisha-Gaye Kelly 

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