As the ongoing drain cleaning initiative led by popular dancehall entertainer Andrae Sutherland, known as Popcaan, gains attention in Eastern St. Thomas, concerns have been raised about stakeholders’ neglect of official responsibilities. A PNP councillor noted a noticeable difference when the Member of Parliament was from his party. Residents of Bamboo River in St. Thomas, facing persistent flooding due to a lack of drain maintenance and roads riddled with potholes, feel profound neglect by the government. Popcaan’s drain cleaning initiative, which began on Monday, has garnered gratitude from locals, including Morant Bay’s Mayor Hubert Williams.

However, Deputy Rohan Bryan clarifies that the duty lies with the National Works Agency under the guidance of the Member of Parliament, Dr. Michelle Charles, who succeeded Dr. Fenton Ferguson in the 2020 general election. While Bryan acknowledges the need for a complete drain replacement, he emphasizes the immediate necessity of improving garbage collection to address the deplorable road conditions. Bryan points out that the National Solid Waste Management Authority attributes poor road infrastructure as the cause of the dire garbage situation. Dancehall artiste Di Ruption, another participant in the initiative, urges residents to hold their elected representatives accountable for addressing these pressing issues.

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