Representatives from the Alligator Pond Citizenship Association in Manchester are appealing for assistance to create a drain to remove stagnant water in a section of the community.

According to them, if the stagnant water is not removed, there will be a bigger threat than dengue to residents.

Upon entering the community, you will see swamp like  murky water filled with garbage. Residents say it has been like this for years and though they have appealed for help, none has been forthcoming.

To make matters worse, the houses are just metres away from the swamp, and residents believe that it has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus.

In response to concerns about a possible dengue outbreak in the area, the Manchester Chief Public Health inspector visited the site. She says alligator pond is among the high risk communities in the parish.

She believes that this might result in other conditions such as Gastroenteritis and other diseases. She says there is a need for several organisations to come on board to rectify the issue. She believes that the Ministry of Health, National Works Agency, National Solid Waste Management Authority, Municipal Corporation and Member of Parliament, Michael Stewart need to work together to have the area cleared.