Request for Amnesty And $500M Loan for Transportation Workers

TODSS Asking for Amnesty And $500 Million In Loan for Transportation Workers: In recent times taxi drivers across the island have been striking for a fare increase. On Sunday, June 20, the president of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), Egeton Newman said that is currently being discussed, however, he believes more importantly a loan facility should be made accessible to drivers.
What was supposed to be a training session at the Halfway Tree primary school for taxi drivers to have their first responders and fire extinguishing training, changed direction, as president of TODSS Egeton Newman says he is asking the government for an amnesty for drivers who have met with some difficulty during the COVID-19 period.
Newman says though there was a covid care package for members of the transport sector, he says only about 10% received 25 thousand dollars which is only a drop in the bucket to keep the sector operational.

Additionally, Newman says having a loan accessible for drivers will also help in retrofitting their vehicles come September when schools resume face to face. A measure he believes is more important than a fare increase.
However, while some members say the loan window option would greatly help in getting them ready for operations in September, some were concerned a loan company may put them in even further debt.